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Power of Intuition: Trust Your Gut Instincts

Intuition is a funny thing. It's housed inside each one of us and we often don’t even pay attention to it. Every day, we navigate through our world often unaware of this inner guidance/radar system/“rut roh thing” within our guts. Born with this, we don’t realize that intuition is the inner control center of our psychic selves.

It takes little effort to work with our intuition; so little, that we typically blow past the alerts our intuition gives us. Like a beacon in the night, intuition keeps shining, spot-lighting and pointing us to our best outcome, regardless of our attention to it.

“If it takes little effort to work with, then why aren’t we aware of it?”, one wonders.🤔 Well, that’s a good question; the answer to which lies in our past. See, as preschoolers we were open to all sorts of things our psychic selves had at its disposal…(even imaginary((?))friends)which ended up getting figuratively shelved once we entered through the doors to our formalized education. Well-intentioned educators taught us how to do things with methods and practices causing us essentially to rely on our minds versus our guts. Like unused muscles, our inner psychic tool, intuition, ended up becoming overlooked and under used. Our ability to tap into and use it was challenged and weakened.

Fast forward to the present…

Say we ALWAYS turn right out of the driveway on our way to work, but for some reason "strange” reason today, we find ourselves turning left. Really, you hadn’t thought about it until there you are in the middle of turning left. You snap out of being zoned out and proceed to finding your way to your work on a different path today. You get to the office and notice others who typically arrive via the same route you typically use on the way to work aren’t there yet. Later, you find out they were stuck in traffic due to a big car accident they were being detoured around.

Well guess what saved you today? Yup, it begins with an “i” and ends with an “n”! You were zoned out remember? Your mind was sort of snoozing/in robo mode which allowed your intuition to donits thing, while your stuck-in-traffic coworkers missed their intuitive opportunities. Their minds were leading the way on their typical work commute which today as chaotic!

More about our little funny not-so-funny pal, intuition in a future blog post.

Meanwhile, let me introduce you to my new intuitive tool, THE ISLAND INTUITIVE’S LONG BEACH ISLAND TAROCLE DECK! This unique deck lends itself to one card pulls, oracle spreads and also tarot spreads. Best yet, your intuitive journey will take place with 40 beautifully photographed scenes of Long Beach Island and have an enclosed easy-to-follow guidebook at your disposal!

Cool, huh? I think so.

It’s just a little something intuition popped on me 4 years ago and now it’s yours to purchase via

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